Retired Members

Retired Membership

If you are coming up towards retirement you can apply to become a lifetime retired member of our branch. There is normally a one off payment of £15.00 for retired membership; however our branch has decided to fund this payment for any of our retiring members

It should be noted that the lifetime membership option only applies if you maintain your “retired” status or, in other words, do not return to paid employment of any kind with this or any other employer.  In the event of a return to paid work we would simply ask that you notify the branch without delay and, if you wish to maintain your union membership, we will send you a new application form to enable us to withdraw monthly subscriptions from your salary (calculated as appropriate to your new salary) in the same way as we did pre-retirement.

In addition to the lifetime membership, this branch also likes to award its retiring members a retirement gift up to the value of £50.00 regardless of if they wish to continue their membership or not.  Due to tax regulations we are not able to give money or gift vouchers but if you would like to purchase something for yourself (of any value, you will get £50 towards the total cost) that you would like and then send me a copy of the receipt I can get the treasurer to reimburse you.

If you were a member of COHSE prior to the merger into UNISON then there is a small retirement payment that I can also process for you on your retirement.

If you were a member of NUPE prior to the merger into UNISON you will also retain a death benefit that I, or the branch secretary, can process for your estate.

(These entitlements are only available if you have not had a break in membership)

I send an electronic copy of the branch Newsletter, at no cost, to any retired members who wish to receive a copy. I also send any other information that I think is pertinent and of interest to our retired members. I send this as a ‘blind’ email so that none of the other recipients can see your email address, please let me know if you would like this option and I will add you to my email list.  

If you wish to continue your membership of the branch as a retired member then let me know your home address by sending me an email or writing to me, my contact details are below, and I will send you a membership form.

Steve Beckley

Retired Members Secretary

East of England Ambulance Branch