PTS Stretcher guidance

Patient transport service staff (PTS) It has been brought to our attention within UNISON that some controllers have requested walking patients or escorts use the stretcher as a seat when they have no clinical need. Further there have been reports that members of staff have been asked to use the stretcher in order to increase […]

Meal break guidance for PTS Staff

Please see the guidance for patient transport service staff who have questioned their meal breaks. UNISONS position is that all staff should be getting a break and the best way to do this is organise this with control. For information 1. There is no pts meal break policy within the trust. 2. There is a […]

Health & Safety postbag January 2020

Health & Safety Post Bag – January 2020 The new Skoda Scout RRV’s should be rolling out by now and the specification includes several changes and improvements. The base vehicle comes with Lane Deviation Warning, Driver Fatigue Monitor and Auto-Braking as standard features. Behind the driver’s seat is dedicated cage for PPE and also an […]

New Fiat training survey

New Fiat Training Survey   The EEAST UNISON branch have produced a survey to capture information and confirm how the training for the use of the New Fiat Ambulances has been delivered.   Please go to the survey here. This survey will close on 14th Feb 2020.   Following the roll out of the new […]

H&S in Norfolk by H&S rep Mark Wibberley.

Health & Safety from Central Norfolk   It has been a busy year again in Central Norfolk with the introduction of new fleet, many new staff members and changes in uniform.  The list is long to say the least. New fleet meant new charging points i.e. trailing cables outside stations, a higher risk of trip […]

Have your say on labour leadership and funding

Have your say on Labour leadership and funding Following what was undeniably a disastrous election for Labour, the party have embarked upon a new leadership election. Any party member is entitled to vote on prospective candidates for the leadership. If you are an affiliated Labour Link member, you are entitled to register as an affiliated […]

Fiat Ambulance Emergency Lights and Sirens

Fiat Ambulance Emergency Lights and Sirens Concerns have been raised about the visual and audible warnings that have been included in the specification for the new Fiat ambulance, in particular relating to the type of emergency blue lights and the siren which is manufactured by a different company to the one installed on the Mercedes […]

December 2019 Newsletter

We’re going on the front foot – a message from Jess Micallef It was great to see so many reps turn up for our December activist forum, all committed to getting stuck in, building UNISON and standing up for East of England Ambulance Service employees. UNISON national ambulance officer Colm Porter joined us to talk […]

Ensuring the Principles of the Newly Qualified Paramedic Consolidation of Learning Programme are upheld.

UNISON working with EEAST under the disputes resolution process to ensure thePrinciples of the Newly Qualified Paramedic Consolidation of Learning Programmeare upheld.   UNISON have been made aware that a number of Newly Qualified Paramedics have some concerns that the national framework for the NQP preceptorship very clearly states that the progression from band 5 […]

CCTV on Ambulances

Concerns have been raised that the safety cameras being installed on the ambulances will be recording all the time that the engine is switched. As far as I am aware the system will be working in the same manner as dash-cams which means that there will be a continual loop of what is being viewed. […]