Update on EEAST’s “Building Better Rotas” Project.

The biggest workplace issue facing our members working in emergency response last year was the rota review project the Trust called “Building Better Rotas”.

Ambulances, Assaults, Clinicians and Cameras

Over the past four years there has been a noticeable increase in the unwarranted assaults on emergency workers and in particular, ambulance crews.

Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation

EEAST is putting on Acas mediation training for a number of employees and has invited 4 UNISON reps to be trained. The ACAS 5 day Mediation training at the end of March and in April will give employees a certificate in workplace mediation and once trained trade union reps can assist in resolving workplace conflict and dispute.

New Ambulance design the carter report

In November 2018 the NHSI (NHS Improvements) held a meeting with an invited guest list to consider a “standard” ambulance design for every ambulance service in the UK. Each service was invited to send two guests and to take their designed ambulance forward for consideration. In a nutshell, our latest ambulance which is currently on the production line was specifically excluded from the assessment process (nobody was even allowed to view it) and as a result NHSI is moving forward to introduce a van-conversion ambulance for all services with effect from Monday 1st April 2019. This is not a wind up or an early April Fools joke; it is reality.
Despite lengthy discussions having taken place between NHS Improvements and AACE, there has

End of year Health and Safety report 2018

Memories of the extended summer have rapidly faded as the Scandinavian winds start chilling the landscape causing motorists to reassess their vehicle anti-freeze and load the car boot with blankets and shovels, pre-empting the issues of deep snow and gridlocked highways. It also serves as a timely reminder to look back over the past twelve months to see how we have progressed in the world of health, safety and welfare.
After several months of design and development, four different conceptual ambulances were produced each with a different patient saloon area configuration and with different stretchers & carry chairs for staff to

Branch AGM 2019 – nominations open

In line with the UNISON rule book and Branch rules and in line with the code of good branch practice each UNISON branch is required to elect reps and officers annually. The UNISON EEAST Branch AGMs will be held at two locations – one on 22 March and one the following week, with a venue in the […]

UNISON statement about the importance of members getting a break.

UNISON statement about the importance of members getting a break. There have recently been a number of messages and news stories about meal breaks for staff. UNISONs position is clear that there has been no agreement with the trust to change existing meal break arrangements. The Trust has confirmed that it continues to operate within […]

Health & Safety Postbag 3

Health and Safety Postbag – December 2018 With the year fast drawing to a close it is time to review and round up all the current issues: Conveyance of Patients in PTS Ambulances: Concerns have been raised with regard to the conveyance of patients in PTS ambulances which are not fitted with a stretcher. These […]

Concept Ambulance on The Move North East Ambulance Service

As part of the new ambulance design programme we were afforded the opportunity to take type 3 and type 4 ambulances to our fellow ambulance crews in the North East of England

EEAST managers have rights to good working conditions with Unison assistance available.

Tristan Ravenscroft (Unison Managers Rep) and UNISON, post campaigning on this overtime subject, would like to now confirm that if a band 7 LOM agrees to undertake any front line ambulance, or RRV shift overtime that is offered to them that they will be paid as per the new LOM overtime agreement at a band 7 rate with unsociable hours added (the same as all other staff).