Private ambulance employers and Outsourced providers

Unison have a number of members working for private ambulance providers and outsourced providers. The below letter is being sent to these employers by the branch this week:- To all outsourced providers working for the NHS:- In light of the recently updated NHS Employers’ COVID-19 workforce guidance, UNISON would like to understand the measures you are […]

C19 Joint Statement from Unison and EEAST

To All Members of the East of England Ambulance Service Unison Branch, Over recent days there has been a further update from NHS England and Public Health England to the guidance for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by healthcare workers dealing with suspected COVID-19 patients. The Trust continues to follow the national guidance, […]

Resuscitation Council UK – Update B

Covid-19 Patients and Levels of PPE This is a rapidly changing situation. Clinicians must be aware that not all information about the patient is passed to AOC, so the MDT messages may not have all the information that might be expected. The minimum level of PPE that should be worn when initially making contact with […]

Resuscitation Council UK – Update Part A

Resuscitation Council UK – Update Healthcare professionals performing CPR Purpose  Resuscitation Council UK has provided this specific guidance for healthcare workers (HCWs) on CPR for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. This guidance may change based on increasing experience in the care of patients with COVID-19, as well as the effect of the outbreak on […]

PPE issues

Thank you for the UNISON EEAST Branch members that have told us about issues with PPE. This has been progressed through region and to national UNISON officers who have today (25/3/20) taken this to the highest level of government as we know you need answers.   Please find attached the letter that has been sent […]

Facial hair and respirators

Below is a link to a chart depicting types of facial hair that WILL or WILL NOT support a good seal with a respirator.   facial hair and respirators  

Break the chain

Break The Chain” The current health crisis has created unprecedented demands on everyone in all walks of life, a situation that the majority of us have never previously experienced. The virus is not focusing solely on the elderly or infirm, it can infect the young, the super-fit and because it is invisible to the naked […]

Unison EEAST branch 2020/21 update

Unison Eeast branch 2020/2021 update. The Unison Eeast branch reps met today to discuss the year ahead due to the postponement of the Agm due to the Coronavirus. A number of issues were discussed including how the branch committee are going to support members throughout the year and take members concerns forward, work with the […]

EEAST AGM Scheduled for Wednesday 18th March 2020 now cancelled.

EEAST AGM Scheduled for Wednesday 18th March 2020 now cancelled. UNISON EEAST branch member,  As you will be aware the health service is at the forefront of the UK’s response to the Covid19 pandemic. In the light of this a decision was taken on Friday 13th March to cancel UNISONs national health conference that the […]

Health & Safety Concerns Regarding Coronavirus Preparedness

Health & Safety Concerns Regarding Coronavirus Preparedness   I have been giving much thought to the current Coronavirus (C-19 for short) situation and have been collating issues and concerns about the lack of preparation, training and organisation in respect of it. The following covers all the bases where there are issues and it is no […]