Changes to meal break arrangements

Meal Break Survey EEAST. Dear Colleague, The EEAST employer is currently undertaking a Quality and Cost Improvement Programme (QCIP) and have invited UNISON to engage with them over potential and proposed changes to the current Meal Break Arrangements.     Terms that the Trust would like to introduce include:- • […]

H&S Postbag October 2020

Unison Health & Safety Postbag September 2020 Every year there are over 5000 accidents in the UK involving transport in the workplace and the vast majority could have been avoided. Workplace transport involves any activity involving vehicles used in and around the workplace such as garages, loading / unloading bays and refuelling points. Around a […]

Black Members Latest news October 2020

October is Black History Month it is a time for us to elevate Black voices and celebrate Black communities’ contribution to life in Britain. Of course Black workers are essential to public services and to UNISON for all 12 months of the year, not just October, but this is an important opportunity to celebrate Black […]

Branch statement regarding CQC report

To all members, Please see this Branches statement regarding the CQC report and the Trust response  The Care Quality Commission’s report released today (30th September 2020) is highlycritical of the Trust Leadership. The report can be accessed at the following link It includes concerns that have been raised by UNISON representatives, such as the […]

Letter regarding Endotracheal Intubation

      Unison EEAS Branch 24 Harpur Street Bedford MK40 1LB     21st September 2020   East of England Ambulance Headquarters Whiting Way Melbourn Cambridgeshire SG8 6EN EEAS Branch       To the Directors of Operations, Medicine and Workforce of the East of England Ambulance Service Trust.   This letter is in […]

Wearing of face masks in DSA cabs

  Unison EEAST Branch Statement  –  Wearing of Face Masks in DSA Cabs.   08/08/2020   Members Trust-wide have voiced their concerns to Unison that the Trust has issued an instruction that facemasks are ‘mandatory’ and ‘must’ be worn when double staffed in the cab of an ambulance or RRV. One locality has threatened its staff with disciplinary […]

Bedford recruitment

Over the last few months there has been a huge amount of recruitment across the Trust. Today our Secretary, Treasurer and Education Officer (Jess, Hugo and Zoe) spent the day in Bedford AOC, recruiting a number of new staff. We brought sandwiches snacks and goodie bags to entice new members and reward existing ones alike. […]

Health and safety postbag July 2020

Health & Safety Postbag July 2020 FIAT DSA: Following the roll out of the new Fiat DSA and feedback from members it was acknowledged that a number of adjustments and amendments were required. Crew Cab Seats: An issue surfaced in respect of adjusting the seating position in the crew cab to meet the needs of […]

Making contact with your safety representative

Making Contact With Your Safety Representative There have been a number of times when concerns raised by members on a variety of subjects have not contained sufficient or adequate information to enable safety representatives to take the matters up with the employer in a timely manner. For example: ” this equipment is dangerous” is a […]

Is Work Effecting Your Hearing

Is Your Work Affecting Your Hearing? Do you work in an area where the noise is intrusive like a crowded restaurant or entertainment venue for most of the day? Do you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation for part of the day? Do you use noisy powered tools for more than […]