PTS Stretcher guidance

Patient transport service staff (PTS) It has been brought to our attention within UNISON that some controllers have requested walking patients or escorts use the stretcher as a seat when they have no clinical need. Further there have been reports that members of staff have been asked to use the stretcher in order to increase […]

Meal break guidance for PTS Staff

Please see the guidance for patient transport service staff who have questioned their meal breaks. UNISONS position is that all staff should be getting a break and the best way to do this is organise this with control. For information 1. There is no pts meal break policy within the trust. 2. There is a […]

East of England Ambulance Unison branch- expression of interests to be elected at the 2020 AGM. Workplace reps\ H+S reps and branch officers.

The attached letter and information will be going out to all Unison members who are in the branch to home addresses this wee‎k. If you want to be a new or continue to be a workplace rep or h+s‎ rep or stand for any branch officer posts for the year April 2020 to March 2021 […]