Health and Safety Postbag May 2019

When ambulances are being deep cleaned or maintained, the staff carrying out those tasks should not be exposed to “hidden hazards” which are not immediately visible. The spaces beneath the stretcher mounts and behind the fold-out steps are common areas where clinical matter or sharps migrate out of sight and present unexpected risks to the […]

H&S Post bag March

The ambulance service is experiencing a constantly high level of calls via the 999 system on a daily basis (except it would seem on the days of action by the Junior Doctors) and we only have a finite number of crews and vehicles.

Health & Safety Postbag 3

Health and Safety Postbag – December 2018 With the year fast drawing to a close it is time to review and round up all the current issues: Conveyance of Patients in PTS Ambulances: Concerns have been raised with regard to the conveyance of patients in PTS ambulances which are not fitted with a stretcher. These […]

Health and Safety Post Bag 2

Health and Safety Post bag 2
18th October 2018

Health and Safety Postbag 1

Postbag 1