Retired Members

ARE YOU RETIRED OR DUE TO RETIRE IN THE NEAR FUTURE? If you are a member of Unison and have retired or are due to retire soon, then you may be interested in becoming a retired member The benefits are many and just because you are no longer active in the workplace it does not […]

Luton drop in and Chicken George

On 13th May, the branch Secretary (Jess Micallef) and I attended Luton station to hold a drop in session. We were around all day speaking with members and getting to grips with issues at the station. You may have seen in the press some news about incidents at Luton and we are here to help. […]

Self isolation message from convenor

Self-Isolation Message from Convenor There have been a couple of incidents recently when individuals have come in to work despite being symptomatic of a cold / flu. This has sadly resulted in their immediate colleagues becoming infected with COVID-19. Whilst it is a managers job to check on individuals welfare and there are some measures […]

EEAST Unison activity update

EEAST Unison Activity Update There is an air of uncertainty as to when the predicted surge in C-19 cases and deaths will strike in our region, or if at all, which is sadly reflected by the lack of concern being demonstrated by the number of individuals who continue to flaunt the lockdown by ignoring the […]

PPE Update from Branch Convenor

PPE Update from Branch Convenor You are clinicians in your own right. Some of the few who are autonomous. The first thing we are taught about treating patients is about your dynamic risk assessment. Yes, we hear what some managers are saying, that not every cough and temperature is Covid-19; but would your families appreciate […]

Social distancing at work

I have been made aware that training courses are taking place and concerns have been raised that those involved (students and trainers) may not be compliant with social distancing. My first thought was that we encourage regular hand washing, no more shaking hands, high-fives or social hugging and the Trust operates a Temperature checking system […]

member update from UNISON Ambulance Re:PPE

This is a member update from UNISON Ambulance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) UNISON advice to ambulance members on PPE: • Individual risk assessments should be the main factor in deciding your level of PPE. • A minimum of level 2 PPE (disposable gloves, disposable apron, fluid repellent surgical mask, eye protection (if risk of splashing)) […]

Deployment of staff on non-bulkhead Ambulances

Deployment of PTS Staff and Non-Bulkhead Ambulances Unison has been contacted by members employed within the PTS service(s) with regard to their deployment in support of emergency services within our Trust because they are concerned about the lack of PPE and or training in their new area of deployment. Unison has sought assurances that these […]

Newly Qualified Paramedics Update

NQP Update Unison have been working closely with a group of Newly Qualified Paramedics to secure better conditions around their training and development as well as working to bring their pay in line with their band 6 colleagues when they are fulfilling the same role. We were close to finalising an agreement with the Trust at […]

Working with Fire and Rescue

Working with Fire and Rescue You are likely aware that Ambulance services across the country have been speaking with fire and rescue services about supporting DSA’s by utilising firefighters as blue light drivers in response to COVID-19. We at Unison understand that some members may have reservations about being crewed with a firefighter for the […]