Health and Safety postbag August 2019

Concerns have been raised that high numbers of road staff are failing to complete the VDI checklists at the start of their shifts or at later stages of the shift when time allows. These checklists form the basis of vehicle audits and should be completed. If not completed the reason why not must be written […]

Holiday pay dispute verdict

NHS staff who regularly do extra hours can celebrate a landmark court victory ensuring their extra work is taken into account when their holiday pay is calculated, UNISON says today. The Court of Appeal has found in favour of a paramedic and 12 of his colleagues who all work for the East of England Ambulance […]

Health and safety update 6th June 2019

Early Intervention Vehicle (EIV): Crews have raised concerns about the specification of their vehicle, including lack of space to store equipment and the heat in the crew cab. This matter is being addressed by an EIV meeting in June and involvement of EIV crews in the design of the next generation EIV vehicle to ensure […]

Retired members conference

This years Retired Members Conference will be held on the 1st & 2nd of October 2019 at Southport. We are entitled to send two retired members as delegates to this conference, one general seat i.e., a male or female and one female. If anybody would like to attend conference this year please let me know […]

“Make ready” Depots update

You may have read on Need to Know that work is well underway on a number of the trusts ‘Make Ready’ Depots.

Specialist Paramedics Update – Working towards pay uplift.

naspf letter to JEG chairs This short web update is to confirm that a representative from UNISON EEAST and the Regional Organiser in Eastern Region are meeting with Marcus Bailey this week to discuss the various specialist Paramedic roles at EEAST. Please also note that on 7th May 2019 UNISON nationally raised again with the […]

Unison Health Conference 2019

Unison Health Conference was held in Bournemouth from the 8th to 10th April this year.

A conference with Mental Health, Staff Shortages and Stress being at the forefront, as sickness

rises and individuals continue to leave

Health and Safety Postbag May 2019

When ambulances are being deep cleaned or maintained, the staff carrying out those tasks should not be exposed to “hidden hazards” which are not immediately visible. The spaces beneath the stretcher mounts and behind the fold-out steps are common areas where clinical matter or sharps migrate out of sight and present unexpected risks to the […]

Branch officer election results

The Electoral Reform Service has advised UNISON of the results of recent branch officer elections, where posts were contested. The successful candidates are Chairperson Stephen Cutler Branch Secretary Fraer Stevenson Health & Safety Officer Jeff Pittman Communications Officer Fraer Stevenson Convenor Andrew Martin County Lead (Cambs) Andrew Martin/Sarah-Jane Parson Further information will follow after the […]

Ambulance crews water safety

There have been many occasions when tea room chatter has centred around the risks associated with patients that are located near water or onboard vessels. This led to concerns that when crews arrived at waterside locations, they did not have the appropriate level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as life jackets to protect them if they inadvertently fell into the water.