Health & Safety Datix Audit

Health and Safety – Datix Audit The Datix system is a valuable tool that should be used by all employees to report adverse incidents and near misses. The system is capable of identifying growing trends, if a problem is localised or Trust-wide and how frequently these incidents are happening. During the current pandemic it is […]

Health & Safety Postbag January 2021

                  Health and Safety Postbag January 2021 Winter Driving: As snow and icy conditions sweep across the region, it is an appropriate time to remind ourselves to give our vehicles that extra attention when checking that they are in a roadworthy condition before setting off and if […]

COVID-19 update December 2020

Covid-19 Update – December 2020 The UK is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases which has resulted in a reciprocal increase in the number of calls to ambulance services and with it a new strain of the virus. This dramatic change to the pandemic brought with it a need to increase our awareness of what […]

Wilker – LOM/EIV new vehicle Meeting 24 Nov 2020

Wilker – LOM/EIV Meeting 24 Nov 2020 A meeting was held at Sandbach to review and finalise the specification for the new generation LOM and EIV vehicles. In attendance was Chris Wiltshire, David Sexby, Bernadette Rhodes, an EIV crew from Stevenage and myself. Both vehicles will be on a VW Transported chassis, the LOM vehicle […]


AAPs TO GET BAND 5 PAY UPLIFT AS A RESULT OF UNISON / TRUSTNEGOTIATIONS   We have been in discussions with Trust about the Senior EMT Pay band Agreement. We considered it to be unfair that the agreement was not being applied to AAPs despite the roles being very almost identical in their nature and […]

Mileage claims as covered by the relief policy

Mileage Claims as covered by the Relief Policy We have been made aware that Relief staff in some areas of the Trust are being refused payments for mileage contrary to the Relief Policy   2.Travel 2.1 Excess travel is travel from a staff member’s base location to an alternative place of work, excess mileage is […]

Meal break survey results

We asked you to tell us what you thought of proposed changes to the meal break arrangements and over 1300 of you completed the survey. If you want to know the results you can find them here Survey Results Click HERE

Are your membership details up to date

Dear Member, We are probably all guilty of forgetting to ensure that our Unison membership details are up to date. It’s easy to fill in a paper application or an online digital version and then push it to the back of our minds in the belief that we are covered for Unison Representation should we […]

Advice for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Staff (CEV)

UNISON advice for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable staff during lockdown   As Covid19 cases across the country increase and we enter into another lockdown this branch recognises that some staff will become increasinglyanxious about coming to work and the exposures they face. This is particularly true of those that were previously shielding and now fall into […]

Health and Safety Postbag Nov 2020

      Health and Safety Postbag – November 2020 2020 will be indelibly etched in our memory and talked about for years to come as we debate how Covid-19 radically affected our lives, how it infected thousands and claimed the lives of thousands across our nation; how the NHS faced its greatest challenges in […]