Health and safety post bag June 2021

    Health and Safety Postbag – June 2021 During recent inspections carried out by Unison Safety Representatives, a number of issues were noted including the growing tendency for multi-pin adaptors to be used in offices and other work place areas.  The use of multi-pin adaptors can overload the sockets, affect cables and potentially cause […]

PTS Ambulance Alterations

PTS Ambulance Alterations During a design visit to Wilker Vehicle Converters on 2 June 2021, we reviewed PTS ambulance (YJ21 GKD) call sign 801 following a number of concerns raised by staff with regard to the location of fixtures within the rear patient saloon area. This is not a newly designed ambulance and the concerns […]

Shoreline Safety

  Shoreline Safety   An incident has highlighted the risk that shorelines which lay on the ground, pose to members of staff if they become contaminated with dirt, moisture or become damaged. Estates is taking steps to install support posts at locations where shorelines are currently left lying on the ground when not attached to […]

Health and Safety Post Bag May 2021

Health and Safety Post Bag – May 2021 With the covid-19 restrictions starting to be reduced, members who have been working from home or “shielding” might be anxious about returning to their workplace after being away for a lengthy time during the pandemic. Some members may be worried that when return to return to the […]

Roll out of the new iPad system

              Roll Out of the Trust iPad System There has been a lot of tea-room chatter about the new iPad system currently being issued across the Trust and Unison has been asked for clarification on where the system lays with regard to coming on-line and being fully rolled out. […]

April National stress awareness month

     April: National Stress Awareness Month What’s the problem? The rate of work-related stress depression and anxiety has increased in recent years, and the last year has presented new challenges that have never been faced before. According to the Mental health Foundation, 74% of UK adults say that they have felt so stressed at […]

Your Health and Safety team needs you

Your Health and Safety Team Needs YOU     I would like to take this opportunity to invite YOU to become a member of our Unison Health and Safety team. It matters not if you have no previous experience in this area because Unison will provide you with the formal training that can get you […]

Test concerns

Health and Safety Committee Update

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Drivers responsibilities

Drivers Responsibilities   The Mandatory Roadworthy Checks (MRCs) are what the drivers of vehicles in the UK are legally required to carry out before they take their vehicle onto the highway. The Vehicles Daily Inspections (VDIs) are the corporate checks that employers require their employees to carryout in order to confirm that the vehicle has […]