Branch AGM details

Branch Agm 2019 details

The EEAST branch will hold “aggregate” AGM meetings for 2019. They will be held on the following dates and venues and times:-

Friday 22nd March 7pm Meeting Room 1

Trumpington Meadows Primary School

Kestrel Rise





Wednesday 27th March 7pm Seacole 1+2

UNISON Regional Office

Church Lane House

Church Lane




Code of good branch practice.


Each branch is required to hold an annual general meeting (rule G.3) in the January – March quarter and to which all members should be invited to attend. Branches covering a large geographical area, whose members work a variety of shifts, which represent several employers or which have a membership base too large to be realistically accommodated at one meeting, should hold “aggregate” meetings – a series of meetings, each with the same agenda so as to facilitate attendance from all sections of the membership.

Branch rules should determine a quorum for its general meetings at a level that enables business to be done whilst providing for meaningful democracy. A quorum should not be set so low as to allow a small group to take over the affairs of the branch. Branches should seek guidance from their regional secretary on an appropriate quorum suitable for the circumstances of their branch.

All branch officers and the regional organiser should be encouraged to attend. A handy guide to AGM’s is available in Appendix A1 of this Code.