Luton drop in and Chicken George

On 13th May, the branch Secretary (Jess Micallef) and I attended Luton station to hold a drop in session. We were around all day speaking with members and getting to grips with issues at the station. You may have seen in the press some news about incidents at Luton and we are here to help. The management team are keen to bring about a culture change at the station which the Trust hopes to model across all areas if successful.

It is in all our interests for this to work, because whilst we regularly win cases for our members, we know that many of the cases we deal with are unnecessary and don’t need to get as far as they do. They could have been resolved early on, simpl


y through managers dealing appropriately at early, informal stages.
While at station, we distributed lots of goodie bags with notepads, pens, water bottles, coffee cups etc. This will be something you will see more of us doing over the rest of the year in various locations. Last week we had reps do the same in Norfolk and we will be going to Essex in the coming weeks. As with Luton this gives us a great chance to get to grips with any issues.
For those fortunate enough to be on shift at Luton, we supplied chips and over 100 pieces of fried chicken from Luton’s famous Chicken George (which they very kindly topped up too). We got some in for the day and another load for the night. Needless to say, there were many a happy member.
Going forwards, Jess and I will be available for you at Luton station every Monday and Wednesday, feel free to come and see us. We are happy to help deal with any issues and talk through anything that might be affecting you at work. If you want us to come to your station then just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do. Unfortunately Chicken George is only in Luton… but we’ll see what we can do!

Hugo Brice
Branch Treasurer