PTS Ambulance Alterations

PTS Ambulance Alterations

During a design visit to Wilker Vehicle Converters on 2 June 2021, we reviewed PTS ambulance (YJ21 GKD) call sign 801 following a number of concerns raised by staff with regard to the location of fixtures within the rear patient saloon area. This is not a newly designed ambulance and the concerns arose due to how and where certain fittings had been installed, causing operator issues.

The location of the stretcher was situated on the offside and had a removable headrest that appeared to be 3 times wider than the standard headrest, almost the the full width of the stretcher and impinged on the attendant’s seat and disposable glove store. The constrictive space required the stretcher head-end handle to be “broken” in order to fully load and the stretcher bed could not be laid fully flat.

The yellow support frame for the wheelchair had a bar which extended too far into the rear saloon area and prevented the attendant’s seat being moved towards the nearside.

The review quickly identified how to overcome the issues and the following actions were carried out by Wilker technicians following the review:

1. The yellow support frame had the extension bar removed.
2. The attendant’s seat was repositioned more centrally
3. The winch now deploys centrally from beneath the attendant’s seat
4. The storage for disposal gloves was reduced in size & capacity
5. The stretcher base fixings were adjusted to enable stretcher to be loaded and stowed with head-end handle in main position and stretcher in fully flat mode.

The remaining PTS ambulances which were delivered in the same batch will now be rotated through Wilker in order that the same rectifications can be carried out as soon as possible with minimal disruption to service operations.

Unison Health and Safety would like to thank the PTS staff who raised these concerns and for the manner in which they focused on the root causes which made it easier to understand the issues and for the problems to be identified and resolved.


Jeff Pittman

Unison Health & Safety Officer

East of England Ambulance Service

3rd June 2021