Wilker – LOM/EIV new vehicle Meeting 24 Nov 2020

Wilker – LOM/EIV Meeting 24 Nov 2020

A meeting was held at Sandbach to review and finalise the specification for the new generation LOM and EIV vehicles. In attendance was Chris Wiltshire, David Sexby, Bernadette Rhodes, an EIV crew from Stevenage and myself.

Both vehicles will be on a VW Transported chassis, the LOM vehicle will have the 190 automatic engine with 4 wheel drive capability while the EIV will have the 150 manual engine with front wheel drive. Both specifications will have full size lift up tailgates which will provide additional shelter when accessing the rear area and additional lighting will be installed to illuminate all areas. There will be adequate number of 12V and USB sockets within both specifications.

Both vehicles will have captain’s seats in the front which can be swivelled through 180 degrees to face rearwards when required. There will b a sliding door on both sides and each door will include a large tinted window. The EIV vehicle will have the added benefit of a smaller openable window within the larger window to facilitate fresh air. There will be a floor mounting position to allow for a table to installed when required.

There will be an additional two forward facing seats, one either side, adjacent to the sliding doors and behind the seats will be two storage units: the offside unit will contain the fridge unit while the nearside will have shelves and a lockable safe for drugs. On the bulkhead between the two units will be (in the EIV variant) a stowage unit for disposable gloves while the LOM variant will have an openable hatch to gain access to small equipment carried in the rear area.

The LOM variant will have a centrally mounted cage which will house a sliding unit that can easily be pulled forward to reach the ventilator, Corpuls, Suction units contained on it. There will be an additional storage area for equipment that LOMs will carry and this will include a large safe for the storage of drugs, angled storage racks for 2 spare O2 cylinders adjacent to the Lucas unit and the offside will have space for the response bags, Entonox and O2 response bags. Beneath the main storage unit will be a dedicated area to contain large boxes which will contain Majax and other LOM specific equipment.

The EIV variant will not have the cage unit. The floor and ceiling in the rear will have three aircraft kit mounts set front to rear. This will enable the crews to decide where the movable bulkhead will go. It can be located left right or centrally depending on crew decisions. The bulkhead will have large holes cut into it which will reduce the vehicle weight and also allow for any additional kit storage units to be attached by the crews. There will be two large tubes attached to the bulkhead for storing canes, pickers and walking sticks.

The EIV crew from Stevenage attended the meeting to ensure that the vehicle layout would ensure that there was ample storage space to carry all the kit used by EIV teams and they were satisfied with the layout. To further personalise the EIV layout, the nearside rear seat will have a Corpuls and suction unit mount attached to the side and front for EIV crews that prefer to have them in the main seating area. For crews that do not wish them to be in the crew area, an additional set of mounts will be provided in the rear offside.

All vehicles will benefit from Trust livery and the LOM vehicle will have an appropriate designation on the exterior. The EIV specification will not have any role designate on the exterior as the use of this vehicle specification will be shared by MHST crews.

There will be mains Airwave radio fitted as well as controls for the light bar etc and the locations for these is dependent upon the underside of the main dash bulkhead. Security/safety cameras will be mounted on the o/s and n/s side panels at the rear of the vehicles, facing forwards.

The meeting was considered to have been extremely worthwhile by all those who attended and we look forward to the new vehicles rolling into service very soon.

Jeff Pittman

Unison Health & Safety Officer