Mileage claims as covered by the relief policy

Mileage Claims as covered by the Relief Policy

We have been made aware that Relief staff in some areas of the Trust are being refused payments for mileage contrary to the Relief Policy



2.1 Excess travel is travel from a staff member’s base location to an alternative place of work, excess mileage is the difference between the normal home to base return journey and the return of the new journey.

2.2 When on relief, staff will not be expected to travel in excess of 25 miles from their base station.

2.3 For staff living outside the Trust their base station will be the nearest Trust station within their agreed AGM area, this excludes standby points and stations where a non-suitable vehicle type is run out of (for example an RRV only station).

3.Eligible Mileage

3.1 Staff will be reimbursed for miles travelled in the performance of their duties which are in excess of the home to base station/agreed station (see Section 13).


Agreed station for those living outside their AGM area or outside the Trust, the agreed station and base station is the nearest Trust premises within their allocated AGM area to their home address.


The wording within the policy is clear and unambiguous.

If you are on relief or a relief element of your core rota, and you live outside of the Trust    or AGM area your agreed station is the one closest to your home address within yourAGM area.

If you are allocated a shift at a station further away than your agreed station you are eligible to claim the excess mileage.

When on relief, you should not be expected to travel in excess of 25 miles from your agreedstation.

You can read the relief policy in full at the following link Policy.pdf