Changes to meal break arrangements

Meal Break Survey EEAST.

Dear Colleague,

The EEAST employer is currently undertaking a Quality and Cost Improvement Programme (QCIP) and have invited UNISON to engage with them over potential and proposed changes to the current Meal Break Arrangements.



Terms that the Trust would like to introduce include:-

Removal of the late Meal Break Payment
Increasing the Missed meal Break Payment from £20 to £40
Removal of Out of Area payment except when outside of the Trust area
Removal of fixed point meal breaks
When outside of the Trust breaks mandated to be taken at the hospital
Additional 15 minutes disturbed element to be added to break. This would be at the beginning to allow for the collection of food or added to the end of the undisturbed element if already at a place where break is to be taken. Total break would be half hour undisturbed and half hour disturbed (The Disturbed element of break to be used for Confirmed C1, Predicted C! Cardiac Arrests (not all predicted C1s) H1 Backups.)

Unison recognise that all staff should be able to take their break in a way that complies with the Working Time Directive. The employer allows for this with the provision of a meal break window of 1.5 hours either side of the midway point of the shift.

This Unison Branch firmly believes and supports that staff should have a break in the mid point of a shift but when staff are unable to take their break within the meal break window, that they should be adequately and fairly financially recompensed.

We will have to engage with the employer over their proposals but would need to do so with the support, consensus and views  of our members and the staff.

We are therefore asking that you take the time to complete the following survey.