Making contact with your safety representative

Making Contact With Your Safety Representative
There have been a number of times when concerns raised by members on a variety of subjects have not contained sufficient or adequate information to enable safety representatives to take the matters up with the employer in a timely manner.
For example: ” this equipment is dangerous” is a broad statement that fails to identify which piece of equipment the employee believes to be dangerous and also fails to identify in what mode or during what function, the user believes that it is unsafe.
In the first instance you should contact the safety representative in your own workplace or failing that, the Health & Safety county lead in your geographical area who may already be aware of other workers with the same or similar issues.
During the initial contact to raise your concern, there may be a lot of information which you wish to make the safety rep’ aware of. However, to ensure that all the information is recorded fully (whilst maintaining your confidentiality) it is often best to follow up the contact with an email which outlines your concerns and ensures the information provided is factually correct.
You should include your Unison membership number (if a member) and also your base station.
If the concern relates to an instruction or directive, it is important that these are included in the email as a reference point.
If it relates to a vehicle you should include the registration number or radio callsign.
Where the concern relates to an accident or adverse incident, please include the Datix Report web number.
Remember, if sufficient information is not provided to them it increases the time which your safety rep’s may need to spend researching your concern to ensure they are fully informed and then able to raise your concern with the employer.
Please Help Us to Help You.
Jeff Pittman
Unison Health & Safety Officer