Is Work Effecting Your Hearing

Is Your Work Affecting Your Hearing?

Do you work in an area where the noise is intrusive like a crowded restaurant or entertainment venue for most of the day?

Do you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation for part of the day?

Do you use noisy powered tools for more than half an hour a day?

Do you work in engineering, in fabrication, woodworking or where there are noises created by the machinery?

Does your hearing sound muffled or fuzzy by the end of the day even if it appears better by the next morning?

You should wear any hearing protection you are provided with and wear it properly (you should be trained how to do this)

Make sure you wear it all the time when you are doing noisy work, and when you are in hearing protection zones.

Taking it off even for a short while reduces the protection you get, meaning your hearing could still be damaged

Your employer should provide free Audiometric testing for employees who find their hearing is being affected

You should attend these hearing tests as it is in your interest that any signs of damage to your hearing are detected as soon as possible, and certainly before the damage becomes disabling.

You should report any problems with your hearing straight away.

You must let your employer and your workplace representative know if your hearing is being affected.

You must raise a Datix report if your hearing is being affected.

If your work is affecting YOUR hearing it may also be affecting YOUR colleagues.


Jeff Pittman

Unison Health & Safety Officer