Self isolation message from convenor

Self-Isolation Message from Convenor

There have been a couple of incidents recently when individuals have come in to work despite being symptomatic of a cold / flu. This has sadly resulted in their immediate colleagues becoming infected with COVID-19. Whilst it is a managers job to check on individuals welfare and there are some measures taken to prevent those who are unwell from spreading it to colleagues, there is a great deal of individual responsibility when it comes to isolating if you have symptoms. Not just a persistent cough or high temperature; you know if you are unwell.

As clinicians you know what a respiratory infection looks like; high temperature, cough, sore throat, headaches, body aches, fatigue, weakness, anosmia etc. We should all be protecting our colleagues and our patients by staying home if we feel unwell. The Trust is currently engaged in a pilot testing scheme of asymptomatic employees. The Treasurer and I are going to push for this to be more widely adopted if it proves successful. For now, any symptomatic employee can go to a testing centre and resume work if they are well enough after a clear result.

We will keep you updated, stay healthy.



Glenn Carrington

Senior Paramedic – Mentor – Co-Convenor – Black Members Officer