Newly Qualified Paramedics Update

NQP Update

Unison have been working closely with a group of Newly Qualified Paramedics to secure better conditions around their training and development as well as working to bring their pay in line with their band 6 colleagues when they are fulfilling the same role. We were close to finalising an agreement with the Trust at the beginning of the year, but sadly this was delayed by the health of our lead rep on the issue and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Work has now resumed, and we have had several discussions with senior Trust managers in the last two weeks. An agreement in principle has been reached and we will update you all shortly with details.

We are just agreeing the more specific level of details that are required to ensure the process is fair to all.

As part of the process we are working on securing back pay where required and we are working with the Trust to implement greater support for NQPs moving forward.

We hope to arrange a more consistent approach across the Trust as we have seen some areas that seem to handle it better than others. Together we hope to see more regular reviews, the opportunity to complete additional training and CPD hours and support for completion of the framework portfolio so the pathway from new registrant to fully autonomous Paramedic is the same for everyone in the Trust.

Your leads for this are:

Hugo Brice

Graham Hillman

Michael Whitcombe

Please feel free to contact them if required.