Meal break guidance for PTS Staff

Please see the guidance for patient transport service staff who have questioned their meal breaks. UNISONS position is that all staff should be getting a break and the best way to do this is organise this with control.

For information

1. There is no pts meal break policy within the trust.
2. There is a meal break arrangements document. (linked here.)
3. Failure to give / have a break within the time frame will not attract a penalty payment.
4. Meal break windows are 90 minutes either side of the mid point of your shift.


5. It is your responsibility as an employee to take your break within the window.
6. UNISON recommends that if you have not been given a break time in the meal break window you need to let control know that you are requesting to take your break if a run will take you outside of the window in able to take your break.
7. Your break should be completed by the end point of the break window.
8. You can give back a run to control if it takes you outside of your window.
9. If pressurised by control to do a run that takes you outside of your window then you can refuse and report it to your manager and or union rep.
10. If control are still pressurising you then also complete a datix.

A number of staff have not been paid for late breaks that they submitted claims for. The trust is not obliged to pay them as they have confirmed that it is your responsibility to take your break within your meal break window.

Kevin Byrne

UNISON pts rep huntingdon