H&S in Norfolk by H&S rep Mark Wibberley.

Health & Safety from Central Norfolk


It has been a busy year again in Central Norfolk with the introduction of new fleet, many new staff members and changes in uniform.  The list is long to say the least.

New fleet meant new charging points i.e. trailing cables outside stations, a higher risk of trip hazards if not stowed away correctly.

Having a lot of new staff joining meant more people around at start and finish times in most stations, this includes make ready staff who all needed Health & Safety advice.

Norfolk & Norwich A&E

There has been a problem with lighting at the hospital for some time, resulting in a near miss incident.  The result being hi-viz to be worn always due to flow of traffic, especially in the darker months, as most people are aware PPE is the last link in the chain for Health & Safety.

A joint meeting was set up with the hospital and our GM and myself which has resulted in the curb to A&E to be lowered and better lighting put in, (this has to comply with aviation standards) because of helicopters landing, this will be a 100% improvement and a major achievement to facilitate better working conditions for our hard working staff.

The work should commence on the project early 2020, all ambulance station in Central Norfolk are up to date with their threemonthly inspections, this is collaboratively working with Diane Chan, General Manager for Central Norfolk.

Safe place, safe people


Mark Wibberley MBE, NEBOS, H&S Representative Central Norfolk