Have your say on labour leadership and funding

Have your say on Labour leadership and funding

Following what was undeniably a disastrous election for Labour, the party have embarked upon a new leadership election. Any party member is entitled to vote on prospective candidates for the leadership. If you are an affiliated Labour Link member, you are entitled to register as an affiliated member of the Labour Party, not only giving you a vote in the contest, but also offering you information on how to get involved in campaigns and political activism.

To register as an affiliated member you have to do a couple of things. Firstly, check if you’re in the Labour Link Fund. Secondly, register as an affiliated member. Thirdly, wait for them to send you information on voting.

UNISON members who are already registered as affiliated supporters (you voted in past leadership elections in 2015 or 2016) will be contacted via email by the Labour Link group shortly and any UNISON member that wants to be an affiliated member must be in the Labour Link political fund by 5pm on 20th Jan 2020.

Labour was formed by Unions to represent working people. Historically UNISONs funds were ‘opt-out’, so if you wantedto contribute to a political fund or be a Labour party affiliated member you wouldn’t have to do anything but pay your subscriptions and a percentage of this went to the political fund. The Trade Unions Act (2016) was a direct assault by the Tories on Labour funding, they changed the Political Fund to become ‘opt-in’. The legislation was fought hard by every trade union but unfortunately was passed.

The implication being that anyone signing up to enjoy the protections afforded them by unions, protections which have been hard fought and won by Labour governments, would no longer automatically contribute to the party which afforded them these protections in the first place and the Labour Link political fund is now a small additional opt in.

I am writing this to encourage all members (particularly new members) to ensure they are part of a political Fund. You can check if you are in a political fund by contacting UNISON Direct . 0800 085 7857

More information about Labour Link is available here: https://www.unison.org.uk/labourlink

Register as an affiliated Labour Party member here: https://support.labour.org.uk/

Hugo Brice – Branch Labour Link