Ensuring the Principles of the Newly Qualified Paramedic Consolidation of Learning Programme are upheld.

UNISON working with EEAST under the disputes resolution process to ensure thePrinciples of the Newly Qualified Paramedic Consolidation of Learning Programmeare upheld.


UNISON have been made aware that a number of Newly Qualified Paramedics have some concerns that the national framework for the NQP preceptorship very clearly states that the progression from band 5 Newly qualified paramedic to band 6 paramedic is automatic at the end of the 24 month preceptorship.

Despite this the trust has been insisting that staff apply for band 6 and have their portfolio assessed against learning outcomes. The framework also clearly states the preceptorship can last no longer than 24 months. The only exception to automatic transition to band 6 is if serious issues have been identified early in the preceptorship.


Staff are also concerned that they have not had a preceptor or the review meetings set out in the framework have not been met. Essentially, staff feel that for the most part the preceptorship has been a thinly veiled attempt to save money by paying staff less.


UNISON raised this at the November Staff Partnership Forum and have now got a stage 1 disputes resolution meeting with Marcus Bailey before Christmas to seek a satisfactory resolution to these issues that would be:-


  1. The immediate transition to band 6 for all those who are at or passed their 24 month point, with band 6 pay back dated for those that have passed 24 months.
  2. Furthermore, the NQPs want to fix this issues for future generation of paramedic by implementing a robust and genuinely supportive preceptorship.


Below is the link to the NQP preceptorship national framework from the NHS Employers website.


The UNISON branch will keep staff updated via the branch website and regular enews.




Graham Hillman / Jes Micallef /Michael Whitcombe – UNISON reps leading on this issue.