“Make ready” Depots update

Make ready’ depots update

You may have read on Need to Know that work is well underway on a number of the trusts ‘Make Ready’ Depots.


The changes in this Operation Support are going to have some effect on some job groups (mainly Ambulance Fleet Assistants, Ambulance Fleet Assistant Supervisors, Vehicle Technicians and some Charge Hands.) The proposed changes in the reorganisation are looking to introduce new ‘Make ready’ posts. The proposal in the consultation is to revise and upgrade the job descriptions and person specifications of several positions within Operation Support, and UNISON welcome this move as it provides a welcome pay uplift for these staff.

As salary band will be affected when staff move up a band UNISON queried whether staff working unsocial hours would be aligned to Section 2 which became effective within the NHS from 1st July 2018 – or remain on Annex 5. (As staff arenot applying for promotion.)

More information about the new Section 2: Maintaining round the clock services (England) can be found in the the information below;


However it has been helpfully confirmed that as the reorganisation has been initiated by the Trust as part of an organisational change management process, this is not deemed to be a promotion and Section 2 does not apply.

Therefore staff can remain on Annex 5 (Formally Annex E), unless they choose to move to Section 2 which is employeesright under the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service.