Unison Health Conference 2019

Unison Health Conference 2019


Unison Health Conference was held in Bournemouth from the 8th to 10th April this year.

A conference with Mental Health, Staff Shortages and Stress being at the forefront, as sickness

rises and individuals continue to leave the health service under a dark cloud .

The past year has seen Mental Health grow with us all being tested by the pressure of the roles

We cover on a daily basis within the Ambulance service and the wider Health service .

Motion 43 covered at the Health Conference by the Ambulance Occupational Group

What is safe staffing in ambulance services ?

This is close to us all as we struggle daily with staffing levels and the pressures of working  with

Crews on the road missing , call handlers breaking under the pressure ,dispatchers stacking with no vehicles to send .

The individuals that spoke for the motion were emotional as they had seen colleagues crumble and leave unable to continue the fight ,passionate that  we continued to raise the under staffing but most of all truthful of what is happening within the Ambulance service at this time .

The most important message that was taken from the conference this year was to look after each

Other always be mindful of what each and everyone of your colleagues is dealing with on a daily

basis whilst also taking care of you, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I will be looking into the course for Mental Health First aiders which is very prominent  in other

Ambulance services, it would be good to get a unison steward in all areas of the trust trained.

Report  from Jessica Micallef and Glenn Carrington .

Report and Agenda links below

Conference guide and agenda

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