Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation

EEAST is putting on Acas mediation training for a number of employees and has invited 4 UNISON reps to be trained. The ACAS 5 day Mediation training at the end of March and in April will give employees a certificate in workplace mediation and once trained trade union reps can assist in resolving workplace conflict and dispute.


Details of the certificate is here:-

Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation

An effective and powerful approach to resolving workplace conflict and dispute

Conflict at work is a costly business. It can happen in any workplace. Differences between individuals at work can lead to grievances, absences and loss of valuable employees. Mediation helps people who don’t see eye to eye to sort out their differences as quickly as possible and so minimise distress and cost. That’s why many organisations are setting up their own mediation schemes and training their employees to mediate in workplace disputes between individuals.

Many of those organisations turn to Acas for help. Our specialist advisers have worked with a large number of well-known customers helping them to develop mediation schemes that meet their needs and to train their employees in mediation skills.

The Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation (CIWM) has been developed by Acas in response to this demand. It draws on that experience to provide a course we believe provides the key to successful mediating.

Course content

This five-day course gives employees and managers the mediation skills and strategies they need to successfully mediate in their own workplace. It equips candidates with the skills, behaviours and knowledge needed to be an effective workplace mediator and manage the mediation process.

After completing the course delegates will:

  • understand the nature of workplace conflict
  • be able to identify when internal workplace mediation is appropriate
  • have the skills and behaviours needed to be an effective mediator
  • know the mediation model and the key tasks of each stage
  • be able to manage the mediation process effectively and confidently
  • know how to evaluate their own performance and that of others.

A report following the completion of the course will be written up and added to the website. If successful it is hoped a second training course will run.