Tax relief on your unison fees

I would like to make members aware that you can claim a % of tax relief on your unison fees .
It is the only union that HMRC recognise for tax relief.
I called HMRC on ‭0300 200 3300‬ and enquired , they wanted to know how much I had paid in subscription over the past year , so have this to hand if you are going to call them.
I calculated the monthly fee I pay and gave the man the total for the year , he then said that I could get this back dated another three years, so four years in total they will back date ! I said four years is more than one!
I knew my fees hadn’t changed over the years , so it was easy to calculate over the phone.
HMRC told me how much I was due back and said a cheque will be in the post.
It was a very simple process to do and nine days later I received my cheque , it equated to nearly £200!
You can also claim  tax relief for laundering your uniform and for HCPC fees.
The call took me twenty minutes, easy to do and worth it and advice members to give them a call.