Summer and winter clothing update

The Trust authorised a small group to review the current items of uniform clothing and earlier this year we completed a comprehensive risk assessment which covered where we work, the terrain, environments, weather conditions, the tasks we undertake such as lifting, twisting, turning, standing, sitting, driving; the group also took into consideration the needs for individuals to self-regulate their own temperature regardless of which geographical area they may be working in.

Having completed the risk assessment, the group proceeded to look at the immediate problems arising due to the protracted heat wave and Robert Morton was quick to confirm the need for an alternative to the currently issued shirt and authorised a large purchase of corporate Polo shirts. Although the number readily available fell short of the number required, further stocks have been ordered to ensure that all entitled employees will be able to have two polo shirts to wear as an alternative to the standard button up shirt.

The uniform group were also aware that following the current heat wave the prediction is that the UK could experience a colder than normal winter. To ensure that employees that are expected to work out doors are able to keep warm in the extremes of winter, the group identified the level of warmth and dryness that employees will need and this created a criteria that potential options would need to achieve.

However, the criteria was expanded upon due to Robert Morton setting down a rigid expectation that the winter outer clothing / jacket must be delivered by the end of November to ensure that the members of staff receive them this year and before the onset of the winter weather conditions.

Several different types of outer clothing / jackets were reviewed by the uniform group and recommendations were submitted to the Board for consideration and approval. The end result was that only Keeler was able or prepared to guarantee the mandatory completion and delivery date. This has resulted in an order being placed with Keeler, to supply a waterproof and windproof outer jacket, which must be delivered to the Trust in order for employees to be issued with one item each, before winter sets in.

There uniform group completed a risk assessment, which established the need for the clothing and its basic criteria, Robert Morton insisted that it must be delivered before the winter weather arrives this year, and the supplier has promised to meet the delivery date. The rules which govern procurement have been observed and if all the pieces of the jigsaw tally up, all entitled members of staff will be in possession of a new winter jacket before Winter.

The uniform group will continue with their work on reviewing the current items of uniform clothing and their progress will be reported up the lines via the health & safety committee.