Staff meeting with West Essex PTS and leadership of EEAST

Staff meeting with West Essex PTS staff and leadership of EEAST

A large number of PTS staff met with a number of Directors and HR on the evening of Wednesday 30th May to discuss the West Essex PTS contract being provided by EEAST .

The length of the contract was set out with the staff operational hours staying the same (7 days a week) and no change to the KPI’s at present.

UNISON welcomed the additional funding to make the part time LBM post full time and also additional posts of Ambulance Fleet Assistant and a Discharge Coordinator post.

UNISON also welcomed the offer to staff that had transferred into the service on Private employer terms and conditions the offer to take up National set Agenda for Change terms and conditions. Staff welcomed the trust making additional funding for this.

There were discussions that when consultation is completed rotas may need to be adjusted accordingly and staff were asked to assist in this transition within partnership arrangements.

EEAST also advised staff that all historic service will be continuous following transfer into the trust.

Staff and EEAST are in discussion to implement the back dated real living wage as a minimum hourly payment for PTS staff.

It was welcomed by UNISON that the future of PTS in EEAST was there to stay and the intention was to grow this service within the trust.

PTS staff would have full integration into the trust and it would open up pathways to work within the whole trust where staff might want to.

There was discussions around changes to roles, work bases in West Essex and integration with Emergency patient services that are being taken forward by the local UNISON PTS rep in West Essex.